Prints & Framing


Prints are sold for personal display purposes only and no reproduction rights, print, web or by any other means are implied or granted. Ownership of copyright belongs to the photographer Sumit Dua. Images can be licensed for usage for other purposes, so please contact us with any questions in regards to this. 

All photographs are individually reproduced, archival prints. Each print is created with materials and processes chosen specifically to match the tone and emotion of the image.


Archival or Museum Quality Printing 

Our printing processes and paper are optimized for permanence. The resulting prints have the ability to remain chemically and physically stable over long periods of time. To achieve this permanence, we use paper that combines strength, alkali reserve, oxidation resistance and a neutral pH value. You are purchasing an image that will remain clear and stable for decades to come.


Evaluation Samples 

We can provide a sample printed image for your evaluation. These are helpful in visualizing a full size image in the intended setting for your print. The sample image is produced to the exact same quality standards as our full size prints and is mounted on an acid-free backer board for shipping and handling. The size of evaluation samples varies with the image. Samples will be no larger than letter size and trimmed to the same height/width ratio as the original. Evaluation samples are $150.00 which will be credited toward your purchase of the full size print.


Legal Notice 

"California law provides for the disclosure in writing of certain information concerning prints, photographs, and sculpture casts. This information is available to you, and you may request to receive it prior to purchase." 

"California law provides for disclosure in writing of information concerning certain fine prints, photographs, and sculptures prior to effecting a sale of them. This law requires disclosure of such matters as the identity of the artist, the artist's signature, the medium, whether the multiple is a reproduction, the time when the multiple was produced, use of the plate which produced the multiple, and the number of multiples in a "limited edition."


Signed Prints, Certificate of Authenticity 

Each print is signed and stamped on the back and comes with a certificate of authenticity that includes information regarding the print, such as date image was captured, settings, etc. This is true of both limited and open edition prints.


Limited vs. Open Edition 

Some of our prints are classified as Limited Edition Prints. These images are limited to a set number of prints and will never again be available for purchase after the last image is sold. Open edition prints are created and sold with no limit on the number of prints that will be produced.



We offer two options for framing your print: Square black aluminum channel with white mat and Reverse mount acrylic. Both options include mounting hardware.