Lady With Bike

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Ahmedabad, India is in the state of Gujarat and is a part of India that I have never visited prior to this, even though I have many close friends that are from this region. I was exploring around the poor neighborhoods of the city and walking around. I ran into this lady just sitting at her porch right as the sun was going down. In fact, it was starting to get dark and I knew I only had very little time left to have enough light to capture some last shots. I have found that people are very relaxed and happy even though they may not have much - there are different types of stresses when you are not rich - but there is also a calmness and ability to live instead of running around in a fast paced environment. Her relaxing next to the bike reminds me of this every time. The house was very old and there is a texture to the wall and to the door that's sublime. The adjacent house on the left has a different color and a different texture. The little wire above the bike and that little window bring it all together and it looks like a painting. The detail you can see on the print is amazing and makes it feel like this scene is right in front of you.

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