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Ajanta Caves, Aurangabad, India

Ajanta caves are a group of about 30 cave temples carved inside a mountain starting around 2nd century BC. These were lost over time and rediscovered in 1819 by a British officer who was hunting a tiger. The tiger ran into the mountain-side and beneath the overgrown forest, an entrance to one of the caves was visible. These caves also have some of the earliest wall paintings in India. Needless to say, its a phenomenal site and worth exploring if visiting India (wikipedia has a good article on Ajanta). I have been back several times. Taking a photograph is challenging because I was not able to use a tripod and the caves are kept dark to avoid light damage to the wall paintings. I held the camera as still as possible and at other times rested it on top of my feet to provide stability. Everything you see was carved by hand and there are no joints - it is phenomenal what someone created such a long time ago and even more remarkable that it survived and was rediscovered. Ajanta was made into a Unesco World Heritage site in 1983.

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