Downtown Los Angeles

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Los Angeles, California.

During medical school, I wanted to shoot an image of downtown Los Angeles since that was nearby. The dilemma was finding the right viewpoint. I drove around LA for a few months in an attempt to find the right "shot." Eventually I discovered that the right perspective was in the building I was working in all along - USC county hospital. One day a group of us had made it onto the roof and there was the view I was searching for all along. Los Angeles tends to be hazy and makes shooting an image from far away difficult, therefore I had to wait for rain for several months. The rain tends to clear up the haze and the very next day after it rained, I made my way back up to the roof. Soon thereafter, there was an art gallery event at the USC school of medicine. The theme for that year was "around the neighborhood." I submitted this image and it won the Merit Award.

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